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Lovely, to shop me please slide into my DMs on Instagram @groovechocolate or visit one of the amazing shops who have me on their shelf. Look under "Find Me".
Love Gr

Irresistible Fine Belgian Chocolate.


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Hello Lovely.


It’s a feeling, joy. It lights up the world, like sparkly fireworks in the sky. It’s the warmth of a smile, a glow in the dark. It’s biting into the most creamy, delicious, sustainable, Belgian chocolate that makes your toes curl and your shoulders shimmy in delight.  It’s living in your own groove. Because you are exquisite, exactly as you are.

It's what's on the inside that counts.

I am made in Canada.

I am made with less sugar.
I am gluten-free.
I am made with all natural ingredients.
I am made with sustainable chocolate.

The cocoa that makes me so delicious
comes from sustainable and ethically
managed coops in Peru and the
Dominican Republic. These coops all
commit to sustainable cocoa practices
and ethical business because kindness

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